Jason Herman

CEO and President

Raised in a Brooklyn (NY) family hardware business, Jason Herman founded his first business (food service distribution) before the age of 20. In the decades since, his expertise has been increasing revenue, profit while advancing operational effectiveness and creating training systems across North America.


In 1996, he co-founded a healthcare staffing and operations firm whose client offices spanned Pennsylvania. Jason pioneered industry KPIs for hundreds of consulting clients throughout North America and co-authored two best-selling practice management and marketing manuals. His clients cared for 52,000+ patients and more than 1.1 million patient visits across the US and Canada.

In June 2014, Jason became Mid-Atlantic Operations Manager for AAMCO Transmissions, followed by a promotion to Director of Training for all 660+ franchise chain locations. In February 2015 he accepted the position of founding Dean at AAMCO University in Newnan, GA, leading the project to complete a 6,000 square foot training facility from which his team produced technical and sales programs for 2,600+ employees.

Along with the physical facility, Jason led the development team creating AAMCO University’s online learning management system, boasting 300+ interactive/multimedia courses, assessments and live broadcasts. In April 2016, Jason advanced to VP of Operations for the Eastern US (400+ stores), where he supervised territorial support, marketing, training, sales, technical, real estate, franchise sales and human resource teams.


In June 2017, Jason became VP of Operations for Persona Doctors, a medical weight firm in Northern Virginia and Maryland, responsible for 60+ reports in nearly a dozen locations.  Reports included medical, sales, management, compliance and clerical staff. He led company initiatives resulting in 99% virtualization of all records, streamlined human resources, A+ compliance ratings, increased profit percentages, patient retention, online reputation success and staff retention.  He created a LMS for Persona Doctors, allowing for consistent on-boarding and training in all locations and roles. He and his team provide on site and remote data analysis, training programs, human resource/recruiting and operations training. 

At the leading edge of social media influence, Jason has been creating and administering online communities for hundreds of thousands of users on multiple platforms.  He received recognition for creating the largest and most client engaged network of travel professionals on the internet.


With this record of success and network of experts across departments, industries and companies of all sizes, Jason launched OnePoint Business Solutions to give small business owners access to the collective talent previously available only to firms on a much larger scale. For in-person training programs, Jason and his team travel to all 50 states and Canada to ensure the job gets done!


The OnePoint business advisory team brings more than a century of expertise in business creation, ownership, on-site training, management, and marketing.


We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, franchisees and independent firms, individual owners, groups, and pooled co-op organizations.


Our verticals include automotive repair, real estate, legal, dental, chiropractic, fitness, retail, home improvement, financial service, health and wellness and restaurants.


After tens of thousands of hours during decades of business building, the expertise of OnePoint Business Solutions is unique and unmatched.

Millions of dollars in management and marketing campaigns, tens of thousands of employees, thousands of business, hundreds of cities, states and counties...


We've tested and re-tested techniques to discover what works best so you don't have to spend precious time and resources figuring out what you need.


The connection we have with our clients is person, constant and targeted. The OnePoint strategy is to treat your dollars like they were our own.

We are in constant contact with clients (on site and virutall) and service partners to ensure data is acted upon with zero delay.

Small businesses depend on being creative and proactive with new initiatives and speedily reactive to changing market trends. OnePoint is agile and experienced to achieve both.

01 / FIND IT


Your business...ALL small business comes down to four simple points. Lead retention, lead conversion, production and profitability.


The first step is to identify which ONE of these is the central issue. Once we have located that ONE area, analysis will lead to the ONE cause of the problem needing most urgent attention.


Whether on site or remote, we locate the cause to begin the change.

Using proprietary metrics, our team will present reports which will objectively, efficiently and simply detail what ONE area can be corrected to see the fastest return on your investment of time and money.


Our entire focus is affecting your top line revenue and bottom line profit.


Wherever that ONE remedy is, our analysis will reveal it and the value of making changes.

We've located the ONE area where change can bring the most impact on your balance sheet.


We've analyzed the cause of that break in the chain. The next step is to take action. The problem will be attacked with precision and persistence.


We will take on-site and remotely managed corrective actions, and set systems in place to monitor future performance and minimize the possibility of recurrence.





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